Apéro Bordeaux: Wine not having fun ?

Last tuesday there was a French atmosphere in Accords restaurant. From 5:30 to 8:30… well 9:30 was held the first edition of Apéros Bordeaux. What it Apéro one that doesn’t speak French or Latin could legitimately ask ? Well, it’s the way people refer to Apéritif… Apéritif which is… hey John Wikipidia, come over here, I kind of need you… “An apéritif (also spelled aperitif) is usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. This is contrasting with digestifs, which are served at the end of a meal to aid digestion, although modern medicine discredits this supposed aid in digestion”. Thanks John for this priceless piece of information.

This tasty initiative comes from France (no kidding ??) but will also take place in Québec City, Toronto and Montréal, in a different wine bar each time.

The concept of Apéros Bordeaux is simple: let people discover nice Bordeaux wines for the reasonable price of 5$. Three red wines and three Whites and maybe some other colors but honestly, after a couple of glasses I couldn’t read the black board with the same accurateness.

Tuesday under a nice weather many people came to the event and had some good time. DJ Abeille gently poured some incredible songs into our ears, as some Bordeaux Supérieur and Graves bottles were g

iving away their magical tricks to our thirsty papillae.

The consultant, writer and and Bordeaux wine specialist Nick Hamilton was there. Unlike everyone else, he drank less than he talked about the specialty Bordeaux vineyards.

Andrea Doucet Donida had cooked tens of « Wow Oh My God! » canelés (a small French pastry from Bordeaux with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust) that were not alive that long actually.

Nices vibes, nice place, nice people, nice wines! Bordeaux was in Montreal last tuesday and I think Apéro Bordeaux should undoubtedly grow in popularity in the next editions. Speaking of… here are the next rendez-vous. Don’t hesitate to join in, it’s open to anyone with a mouth!

More info: Apéros Bordeaux

Montréal: July 19th , August 30th September 27th , October 25th , November 15th
Québec City: September 20th , October 18th
Toronto: June 7th , July 19th, September 13th, October 25th

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