Revel Guide: so many bubbles to choose from…

Christmas is coming up very quickly, New Year’s Eve too, your nephew’s 5th birthday, maybe a funeral of someone you really hate, well, so many reasons to celebrate.

When it comes to celebrations, bubbles are usually a pleasant partner. But there are so many bubbles to choose from, Champagne, Mousseux, Cava, Crémant… Hard to make up one’s mind, especially if you don’t drink bubbles more that once a year.

Life is sweet sometimes, just as a slice of my mother’s Tarte Tatin. Thursday Guénaël Revel has released the new edition of his international guide at Birk’s cafe, from Europea. It’s called « Guide 2012 des champagnes et des autres bulles ».

All you wanna know about sparkling wines is in this book: advice about the best way to drink those wines, an historical part about how winemakers make those bubbles all around the world and of course notation marks about taste and price cause let’s face it, bubbles ARE expensive. But some good deals can be made as it reads on page… you’ll find out.

The really cool thing about this guide is that absolutely all the sparkling wines you’ll find in the SAQ stores are in the book. Guénäel has tasted and tested 770 sparkling wines in one single year!

You know what, I bet you 1 000$ he’s gonna have a glass of SPARKLING WATER at New Year’s Eve, just to make this night a little more… special.

To buy the book it’s here.

To read Guénaël’s blog and get in touch with him, it’s here

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