Penny Plain: a brilliant puppet show from Ronnie Burkett

Go, run, fly, swim to the 5e Salle at Place de Arts to see Penny Plain, the new show from the master of puppets Ronnie Burkett. I saw it yesterday and I’m still under its spell. What a performance! The guy is an awesome actor, taking so many different voices (33 puppets in the show) and his skill is also to make them move, walk, feel…

This Canadian genius had already come to Montreal with Billy Twinkle, Requiem for a Golden Boy (2010), 10 Days on Earth (2007) and his Tinka’s New Dress (at the Festival TransAmériques in 1997).

The Canadian artist comes back to us with Penny Plain, a foreboding fable that’s tender and replete with poetry.

Part gothic thriller, part apocalyptic drawing-room comedy, Burkett’s 12th production is a pure moment of poetry. 100 minutes of poetry if I may count.

Here is the story : Penny Plain is blind, but she hears plenty about the state of things and the fate of mankind. And so she decides to sit in her overstuffed chair, nevermore to venture outside, waiting for the world to end. When her companion dog Geoffrey leaves to live as a man, Penny’s end-of-days vigil is interrupted by survivalists, a serial killer, a crossdressing banker, talking dogs and mysterious strangers seeking sanctuary.

Penny Plain
premiered at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton in September 2011, and was acclaimed throughout its Canadian tour that included engagements in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Don’t hesitate any longer, you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

Penny Plain, info click here UNTIL April 22